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Modified version of mmpc2.


Install git, a recent version of node, and npm, clone the repository, run npm install, copy conf.json.example to conf.json, and run node server.js.

git clone
cd mmpc2
npm install
cp conf.json.example
node server.js

Getting a recent version of node.js

Many distros ship old versions of node, which won’t work with MMPC2. To fix this, install node.js and npm (sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy npm on Debian and Ubuntu), then install n and install a new version of node with that.

sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy npm
sudo npm install -g n
sudo n stable

With rolling release distros, the version of node in the package manager will generally be new enough - e.g sudo pacman -S npm node in arch is enough.


conf.json contains a couple of configuration options (assuming you copied conf.json.example to conf.json). These are:

    "tmpdir": String. The directory to store temporary files in.
        Default: "tmp"