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  mortie daf30e4f46 modified version to stream to web page 5 years ago
  mortie 12e6b14a7c pause now goes back 1 second 5 years ago
  mortie e1b4e34464 added subtitle delay controls 6 years ago
  mortie 94af09005d additional_links can now specify a method 6 years ago
  mortie c5b1f0b5c8 notifications for displaying status, only one URL/magnet field 6 years ago
  mortie f3c4e1bd99 removed console.log, added try/catch 6 years ago
  mortie cd787a5404 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/mortie/mmpc2 6 years ago
  mortie f6b8e18deb mpv no longer spams stderr while playing 6 years ago
  mortie 81390e4673 added additional_links config 6 years ago
  mortie 77114a67d5 more readme fix 6 years ago
  mortie d74ce4c4f8 fixed readme 6 years ago
  mortie 35b8baf7af readme 6 years ago
  mortie 4b8b0c9b6e now lets you upload file, cleans up temp dir 6 years ago
  mortie f94437ce03 removed unnecessary variable 6 years ago
  mortie f1cef0cc1a now automatically finds subtitles 6 years ago
  mortie e2b477c31a lots of work 6 years ago
  mortie d2f1649557 initial commit 6 years ago